Biocare Diagnostics.,ltd.

Bio-care is founded by professional scientists and investors in 1997, first named TDL. and changed the company name after we bought Lion immunoassay technology part in May 2007.

Biocare Diagnostics Ltd is a in vitro diagnostics reagents manufacturer including lateral flow rapid tests, immunoassay kits, cell and microbiological stains We also supply part raw materials for ELISA and lateral flow tests that made by us.

Our sciensits work for over 5 years, they developed a new patent lateral flow technology, it improve the sensitivity and specificity, and make the tests have clear backgroud, longer shelf life and lower Turn Around Time than tradional technology, it also save raw materials, that make us can provide quality products to customers at good price.

The ELISA kit include Hepatitis series and other infectious diseases, Tumor Marker, Blood Screening Reagents. The rapid test include, fertility ( pregnancy, ovluation, menopause) , infectious diseases, tumor marker, cardiac marker, drugs abuse.
AN1002C Rotavirus Rapid Test Card 25T feces
AN1002S Rotavirus Rapid Test Strip 25T feces
AN1003C Adenovirus Rapid Test Card 25T feces
AN1003S Adenovirus Rapid Test Strip 25T feces
AN1004C Rota/Adeno Combo Card 25T feces
AN1004S Rota/Adeno Combo Strip 25T feces
AN1005C EHEC Rapid Test Card 25T culture
AN1009C Strep A Rapid Test Card 25T swab
AN1009S Strep A Rapid Test Strip 25T swab

WT1001B HIV 1&2 96 tests
WT1001C HIV 1&2 480 tests
WT1002B HCV Ab 96 tests
WT1002C HCV Ab 480 tests
CT2001A HAV IgM 48 tests
CT2001B HAV IgM 96 tests
CT2001C HAV IgM 480 tests
CT1001A HBsAg 48 tests
CT1001B HBsAg 96 tests
CT1001C HBsAg 480 tests
CT1002A HBsAb 48 tests
CT1002B HBsAb 96 tests
CT1002C HBsAb 480 tests
CT1003A HBeAg 48 tests
CT1003B HBeAg 96 tests
CT1003C HBeAg 480 tests
CT1004A HBeAb 48 tests
CT1004B HBeAb 96 tests
CT1004C HBeAb 480 tests
CT1005A HBcAb Total 48 tests
CT1005B HBcAb Total 96 tests
CT1005C HBcAb Total 480 tests
CT1006A HBcAb IgM 48 tests
CT1006B HBcAb IgM 96 tests
CT1006C HBcAb IgM 480 tests
HP1001B H pylori 96 tests
BS1012B TP (Syphilis) 96 tests
CT5001T HEV Ab 96 tests
CT5001G HEV IgG 96 tests
CT5001M HEV IgM 96 tests

TO. R. C. H.
BS1005B Toxo IgG 96 tests
BS1001B Toxo IgM (Capture) 96 tests
BS1006B Rubella IgG 96 tests
BS1002B Rubella IgM (Capture) 96 tests
BS1007B CMV IgG 96 tests
BS1003B CMV IgM (Capture) 96 tests
BS1013B HSV 1+2 IgG 96 tests
BS1004B HSV 1+2 IgM (Capture) 96 tests
BS1008B HSV 1 IgG 96 tests
BS1011B HSV 1 IgM(Capture) 96 tests
BS1009B HSV 2 IgG 96 tests
BS1010B HSV 2 IgM (Capture) 96 tests
CT3002A AFP 48 tests
CT3002B AFP 96 tests
CT3002C AFP 480 tests
CT3002D AFP 96 tests
CT3003B CEA 96 tests
Sanjay Liou
[86] 756 8238560
6F, Building B, 108 Xinghua Rd
Zhuhai, Guangdong, 519000, China
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